STLL DRMN is an online movement created to encourage those people who never stop dreaming.

As kids, most of us are encouraged to think big and get lost in our fantasies,  but not everyone has equal opportunity to chase those dreams.  I grew up in Queens, New York and like many children from my neighborhood I dealt with many family issues including drug use, incarceration and foster care. It wasn’t easy facing constant peer pressure to get involved in illegal activity or dealing with self-doubt and the constant thought of premature death.  It seemed that my own dreams of success might be beyond my reach, but through it all, I kept my dreams alive.  I avoided that toxic pressure and overcame my obstacles to become a successful landlord, family man, and now, founder of the STLL DRMN movement.

Many of us face those same pressures every day.  Whether it’s escaping the " rat race" workplace or trying to impress friends and family. However, like my situation, they can rise above and exceed expectations by staying committed to their vision and or mission.  It’s this determination and purpose driven spirit that fuels the energy behind STLL DRMN.

We funnel that same dedication to effort into our creations starting with purpose.  We believe purpose always produces passion, nothing energizes like a clear purpose.  On the other hand, passion dissipates when you lack a purpose.  Just getting out of bed becomes a major chore. It is usually meaningless work, not overwork, that wears us down, saps our strength and kills our dreams.

 We believe that when you stop dreaming, you stop living.  So, ask yourself one question. Are You STLL DRMN ?