Art and Streetwear

Art is a product of human activity, moving with the intention of stimulating the human senses, as well as the human mind by transmitting emotions and ideas. New trends of streetwear are mostly influenced by our environments and cultural lives. The developments of new trends of streetwear mostly have three main sources:

- High Art

- Pop Art

- Low Art

High art mostly refers to the set of cultural products, mainly in the art held in the highest esteem by a culture. It can be seen as an elitist activity, such as visual fine arts like painting and sculpture; other forms of art, such as auditory art and music; and also applied art like photography, architecture, and design.

The emotions and ideas of art can bring about the new ideas of trending streetwear. Renowned artists of the high art's way of dressing can influence the society's high class who might emulate them. This might however be too expensive for the working class to access. There are so many artists with street-influenced designs.


Pop art, or popular art, is the art category which is followed, understood and appreciated by the largest audience. They are mainly produced for mass consumption. The celebrity’s way of life will always have an influence on society as they are constantly in the media. Celebrities are unarguably role models and many people look forward to being like them. This leads to many followers who always check out their looks and copy them a lot. Pop art has been the most referred to in the world of streetwear.

They have influenced the world of fashion in various ways. They have been on for a long time and it is less unusual to see the artists take the role of designers and collaborate directly with the world's famous fashion brands, which has major influence on common streetwear. For example, Georgio Armani underwear, Louis Vuitton bags. Another good example is Takashi Murakami who became part of Vans special Collection of slip-on footwear presented at Paris Fashion Week.

Origins of Style

The so-called Low Art is for art the masses, accessible and easily comprehendible. They are the most accessible and often most meaning forms of art. Low art also has an underground influence on street wears e.g., the influence of punk, hip-hop, graffiti, and other indie culture outside the mainstream. The spirit of the extreme sports, punk, and hip-hop movements have greatly influenced the whole world on streetwear, including hoodies, backpacks, white tees with khakis, baggy clothes, skinny jeans, low-tops, high-tops, snapbacks, fitted caps, and countless other styles. Though they are difficult to recognize as styles of low art, this is solely because they are easily adopted by the masses especially for commercial purposes.


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